How to implement OSCAR and Discovery Streaming Video in your classroom.

Presenter: Joe Oliphant

Presentation Time/Room: 9:15 Room 213

Name of Presentation: How to Integregrate Discovery Streaming into the Classroom

Summary of Presentation: This presentation will be a hands-on session where attendees will login to Discovery Education and be able to view the resources firsthand. By reviewing the available resources, teachers will be able to brainstorm ideas on how to integrate streaming video into the classroom. Differentation strategies, as well as ways to used MovieMaker in conjunction with Discovery Streaming will be discussed during this session.

Grades taught: 2nd grade

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Other useful links: This is the main login link for Discovery Education. This is the page you need in order to become a member of the DEN ( Discovery Educator Network) Free classroom resources and educator tools

Here is an Word Document with some additional information.