Storytelling & Voicethread

Storyteller Presenter: Rosemary Sullivan has taught high school math for 30 years, 19 of which have been with at-risk youth. I found that telling stories in my class helped the students retain information. I experimented with different delivery methods and discovered that telling a story held their attention better than reading to them or having them read. The stories not only improved retention and attention, but taught life skills that my "at-risk" students needed to become productive members of society.”

On site presenter: Kim Hoerr teaches kindergarten at Propel.

This workshop encourages using storytelling as a method to reach the whole child. Focus on comprehension skills, strategies,vocabulary, content specific subjects while encouraging social and emotional health with our population. Also learn about Voicethread as a way for children to create, reflect and interact through technology.
You will be introduced to research, listen to a story, see how students expressed comprehension and learn/share ideas to take to your class to make storytelling and or Voicethread purposeful.

Targeted Audience: The research for storytelling and the Voicethread is applicable to all grades and subjects.


Voicethread samples:

Storytelling sites:

Storynory: Free audio stories for kids-

Storyline Online ~ wow- ~ Articles, story texts, audio, tellers, etc.-

Learning Through Stortelling - article-

Storytelling for Instructional Purposes - Podcast/article-

Pitt Resource-

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